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intel i5 750 CPU and 1.65 memory voltage.

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  • intel i5 750 CPU and 1.65 memory voltage.

    Hi. I'm not very skilled in English, so sorry for feature mistakes i'l do.
    I had ASUS p7p55D-E PRO motherboard with i5-750 CPU
    On CPU was installed ZALMAN CNPS9700 NT cooler which was keeping normal cpu temperature.
    I bought and installed G-Skill 4Gb memory (2 banks)
    I configured bios that memory would work on 2133 and generally it was working but after some Intel memory tests i found that during test were some fails, so i reduced rate to 2000 and test showed no fails.
    I did not changed bios to push CPU on higher rates and kept default voltages and rates to not overheat it cause of overclocking.
    During test i was monitoring Temperature - 50C-70C. nothing exceptional for such tests.

    ===> After 2 month i got BURNED CPU.

    I did not understood why that happend, the only thing i was thinking that cpu was somehow overheat during tests, even i understood that 65C is definetly not critical, but who knows ...

    So i bought another i5 750 cpu and installed it. This time i lowered memory rate to 1666 and set cooling settings in bios for fastest.

    I noticed during tests that MEMORY tests push CPU to much higher temperature than regular CPU load test, but still temperature is not to high.

    ==> CPU burned after another few months

    I searched for reason and found interesting specification data posted by Intel for Inter core i5 750 cpu, where they clearly wrote that memory voltage over 1.5 is danger for that CPU and if memory is using that voltage - CPU life time is significant short.

    I was very surprised that default voltage on G-Skill memory is 1.65 and dont understand how it could be that motherboard manufactor and memory manufactor use voltage which actually is deadly for those CPUs.

    May be i missunderstood something ?

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    No, memory voltage over 1.65V is considered dangerous. The DDR3 standard is 1.50V.

    Many people even use 1.65V+ without a problem, you simply need to have the correct IMC Voltage.

    It is very odd that your CPU keeps becoming defective. Do you have the latest BIOS for the motherboard?

    Thank you