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Possible cold boot error

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  • Possible cold boot error


    Mobo: GA-P55-USB3

    RAM: G.Skill F3-12800CL9D-4GBNQ
    4x2GB (currently running 1333 at 1.5v)

    CPU: Intel i5 760

    I jsut build this system and thought everything was working. It passes Prime95 stress tests and memtest86 v4.1 had no errors most of the time. The exception is the first boot of the morning after the computer has been off during the night. The computer will get a blue screen. If the screen stays up and I manually reboot the system, then the computer works fine and Windows Pro 64-bit is good to go with no other problems detected the rest of the day. If it auto-reboots from the BSOD it will error a few more times unti the computer is powered off completely for a minute, then turned back on, at which point everything works again. This has happened every morning since the RAM was installed.

    This morning after reading some G.Skill forum posts, the computer was turned on and loaded straight into Memtest86. Immediately there were 15000+ errors before the first pass was even finished.

    Any ideas or can I just RMA this RAM?

    Thankyou for yoru assistance.

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    Yes, please send the memory in for new replacements and the new set should work better.

    Thank you