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Questions about Trident 2000

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  • Questions about Trident 2000

    I'm not exactly a newb to overclocking, but I am new to overclocking on current platforms. Tomorrow I'm receiving my new board, a GA-P55A-UD4P and a four gig GSkill kit, the F3-16000CL9D-4GBTD. I'm planning to overclock the CPU to 3.2 with a BCLK of 160, as per this excellent article demonstrating better overall efficiency utilizing the Turbo Boost and power saving features of the Core i5 processor. The Trident RAM will therefore run at 1600 in this setup.

    A few quick questions:

    Will I be able to run in this configuration without increasing DRAM and QPI voltage, and what about the V-Core voltage? I'd of course prefer not to adjust any voltages, if possible.

    What timings can I expect from auto DRAM settings, and if this RAM will run with tighter timings, what are they and how should I enter them in the BIOS?

    Given how finicky WIN 7 x64 is, does one overclock before installing the OS these days? I ask, because I've seen that recommended, but not by anyone considered authoritative.

    Lastly, if you have other suggestions for this board and RAM, considering my goal stated above, I'd certainly appreciate a complete BIOS settings description.

    Thanking you in advance,


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    Well DRAM Voltage may need to be 1.550-1.60V. QPI Voltage should take care of itself. Same with VCore if only setting to 3.20GHz.

    For timings, you can try 7-7-7-21, then work your way down if you'd like.

    You should not overclock before the OS. Otherwise your system may be unstable because of a bad Windows install. But what you're trying to do is easy to configure, so it shouldn't be a problem.

    Thank you


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      Thanks. I was beginning to wonder if my questions were so stupid they didn't merit any response. LOL. I swear (about the business of installing the OS after setting the overclock) that I actually read a couple guys discussing the topic, and they were saying that the overclocked setiings could corrupt the OS! Long before your answer I concluded they had to be retarded. My guess is they've tried some agressive overclocking, and after repeated crashes one's OS will indeed crap out.

      The rest of your response is pretty much as I figured, but I was really wondering about the DRAM voltage, since the sticks are rated at 1.65 volts, although I presume that's required to run them at 2000 MHz. It's helpful, I think, to have a range within which to work, and I appreciate your suggestion.

      Incidentally, I assembled the build without incident and I just passed eight hours of MemTest 86 at the RAM's defaultt frequency of 1333 MHz. So far so good.

      I've never used a GSkill product, and I originally ordered Corsair Dominator memory that turned out to be a dud. In investigating my problem and checking out other kits to purchase, I noticed that only the GSKill reps were all over the Newegg user reviews helping builders get their kits working. My choices eventually narrowed to deciding among Gskill products, as I was convinced that if nothing else, GSkill support would help me get them working.

      So far I am extremely impressed. Thanks again.

      Best regards,



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        Memory can be corrupt or not configured correctly, and cause a corrupt OS install. Or, sometimes OS won't even install. The worst is completing installation, but then you get blue screens, and think it is a hardware problem.. you RMA all your parts.. then finally find out the OS was just corrupt and all parts were not defective. haha

        So this is why I suggest not overclocking before OS, as it creates a variable.

        Since you passed memtest at 1333, and all seems OK, you should be able install Windows nicely. Afterwards, you can then overclock. But... if you use settings way off, it can corrupt your OS afterwards anyway. You are playing a computer game by building a computer. =)

        Thank you