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X4 965 + GA-890fxa-ud7 + F3-1600CL8-4gbfls

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  • X4 965 + GA-890fxa-ud7 + F3-1600CL8-4gbfls

    Have searched the forms and haven't found much relating specifically to my ram / mb / processor. Any help is much appreciated.

    So I ended up with this ram for my 965 off newegg, didn't realize it was explicitly for the X6.

    With bios F1 I was able to get the ram to run at 1600 8-9-8 24 but since updating to bios F3 I cant get any kind of decent timings at 1600, hard to get 1600 to boot at all.

    Currently I'm running 11, 11, 11 29. That's what the mb defaults the timings to if I force 1600, only way i can get it to boot with 1600. Have tried the previosly stated 8-9-8, 9-9-9, various things.

    So am I asking for too much with ram that's "not compatible" with my processor? Anything I can try different? Should I just get a X6 and use my X4 in something else? Thanks.

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      And here's what I get if I give the ram 1.65 volts and leave everything in default.

      1333 9 9 9 24


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        No, it should still work at around DDR3-1600 CL8... what slots do you have them installed in? They should be in the two furthest away from the CPU.

        Thank you


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          Slots 3 and 4 - furthest away from the cpu per the manual.

          I have tried tweaking all the various ram parameters. Not sure what to think. Is there any kind of resource with settings for this ram / mb combo? I looked through the forums and found the section with such information but my particular ram info is scare, mb as well. ugh.


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            Increase CPU-NB Voltage to 1.20V, set the memory to DDR3-1600 8-9-8-24 1.65V and let me know the results.

            Or, try flashing back to F1 to see if it works better.

            Thank you
            GSKILL TECH


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              I am not a tech guru and don't pretend to be.
              I have the 965 BE 125watt cpu on a GA-770TA-UD3.
              I have been doing alot of forum reading and questions from AMD and other ram manufacturers.
              I had issues trying to get mine to run in dual channel....wasting over a month trying 3 different brands of DDR3 ram, RMA MB (which it was fine), forums and tech support calls we have it down to those picky memory controllers on the CPU(starting RMA process).
              Each brand of ram I have 8gb. Two different 1600Mhz 4x2gb sets and one 1333 Mhz 2x4gb kit.
              From the info I have seen. the CPU memory controller is rated by AMD at 1333Mhz. Running memory faster may not work and could harm controller.
              I have been overclocking my system and have to agree with what I have seen on forums.
              My personal experience- It is easier to get the system stable by running ram at 1333Mhz and recommended timings,, Easier to get 2x2gb ram to be stable during overclock(stable at 4Ghz),,, overclocking 2x4gb at 1333 or 1600 is difficult to get system past 3.6Ghz(others with more knowledge said 2x4gb have less headroom for overclock and it seems true),,, seems 4x2gb is also easier to get stable than 2x4gb.
              I believe the ram speed difference between 1333 and 1600 would be hardly noticeable.
              More speed would be seen by overclocking CPU and fine tuning any voltages as needed.
              I cannot say about ram over 1600 as system may or may not run. Seems like it might be hard on memory controller.
              I am happy with 4gb at 1333 and a 4Ghz CPU. Hopefully my replacement CPU will make me happier and will allow all 4x2gb memory to run.
              Anyway, I think that you may find 4x2gb ram easier to get stable at your 3.8Ghz. than your 2x4gb.
              I am not endorsing or putting down any brand of ram that I have tried.
              G.Skill F3-12800CL9D-4GBNQ, 4x2Gb 1600
              Patriot G Series Sector 5, 2x4Gb 1333
              AMD Black Edition Ready, 4x2gb 1600
              Enough of my personal experience and hope these smart techies get you a fix.... good luck.


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                Looks like the voltage bumps did it.

                1.2 cpu nb 1.65 ram 8-9-8-24 let me boot but I had superpi error right away, bumped the cpu voltage one tick and didn't have an error till 24th iteration, bumped cpu again and error first iteration so I took the cpu back down one notch and upped the ram to 1.67 and superpi passed to the 32 millionth decimal. Nice!

                Think I can settle for 3.8ghz 1600mhz 8-9-8-24 and 850/1200 on my hd 5970. I really wanted to hit stable 4ghz but have not had much luck overclocking via the fsb.


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                  Nice! Looks good! You may even be able to lower timings a tad..

                  Thank you
                  GSKILL TECH


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                    Phenom II X6 1090T + 890FXA-UD7 + (F3-14400CL9D-4GFLS)

                    I have same issue as stated above, can't run at advertised frequency, my system won't boot. They can only do 1600mhz at advertised timings (9-9-9-24-2T) without any problem running my system (All are in default/auto settings in the bios except for ram multiplier which i changed to X8 and manual adjustmet of timings from 11-11-11-40-2T).

                    Already raised the ram voltage to 1.65v, changed cpu host frequency to 225 to get 1800mhz, and increase the nb control voltage to +.1, but still no won't boot.

                    Kindly need your help, any assistance will be appreciated. Thanks.