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  • P6x58d-e + f3-12800cl7t-6gbpi

    I built a new system 2 months ago with an i7 920, P6X58D-E and G.Skill Pi 6GB kit 7-8-7-24 timings.

    It was perfect for 3 weeks, and then one day, the BIOS and Windows 7 only registered 4GB of ram. I did not change anything, add new hardware, remount nor reseat any of my components. I had not OC'd my CPU yet, and the RAM was running at the recommended speeds, timings and voltages.

    This is weird because in this forum, I've read that this RAM kit is actually recommended for this board, so I double checked my build.

    I'm using a Corsair H50 cooler, and the screws are definitely not too tight. No bent pins either. So I tested the RAM slots with a 2GB stick that I knew actually worked. With a single stick in dimm slot A1, the PC did not post.

    So I RMA'd the board for the bad slot, but ASUS tested it and returned it to me, saying it worked perfectly fine.

    Yesterday, the recognized RAM amount dropped down to 2GB out of the blue again.

    Could this be a RAM problem? Any advice/suggestions?

    PS: In this forum, it was said that this RAM was rated for 7-7-7-21 timings, but on the package it says 7-8-7-24. Exact same code, diff specs. Any explanations?
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    The memory is rated at 7-8-7-24, some people have reported that they can pull off 7-7-7-21.

    It is possibly a memory problem, so go ahead and send those in for new replacements.

    Thank you


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      Well, turns out there WERE bent pins. Even with a magnifying glass, I couldn't tell. But I examined the motherboard again, and under the right light, ONE pin was SLIGHTLY tilted. I guess that was enough to mess it up.

      Thanks for the support tho.

      OC'd to 4.0, nice and cool. RAM running at 1700 7-7-7-21 at 1.54 volts.

      Very happy with G.Skill, I will definitely buy it again.
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        Yea, it happens, everyone expects an obvious damage, completely missing pin, or something major, but the slightest difference can change everything. You have to really look at certain angles to make sure light reflects correctly on each pin.

        We even have several boards here that are unuseable because we accidently moved a pin (yep, just SLIGHTLY tilted). Your system may still boot and such, but it will never be 100% stable.

        Thank you
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          yup. bent the pins back into place now with a magnifying glass and mechanical pencil.

          everything is in perfect condition