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8GB Ripjaw 2000mhz on Asus Striker II extreme socket 775 with q9650

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  • 8GB Ripjaw 2000mhz on Asus Striker II extreme socket 775 with q9650


    I am currently struggling with timing and voltage setting as the max stable I can run my RAM on is 1333mhz. If I try overclocking this to even 1600mhz I get random computer freeze. Haven't even tried 1800mhz or 2000mhz as scared to fry something.

    Specs are as follows.

    Q9650 at stock with auto volts.
    8GB RIPJAW 2000mhz on AUTO with timing 9 9 9 27
    Asus Striker II Extreme Motherboard bios 1203.

    Any help would be appreaciated as feeling dissappointed with this ram.

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    What voltage is your NB receiving? You need to increase that by the sound of it.


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      Thanks for your reply.

      NB is running at 1.44 I believe. Thought that was very high. I have no idea what the limits are.

      My system is not watercooled or anything just running on air.


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        It has been recommend that 1.44 is the minimum for 8Gb of ram.

        You should bunp it to 1.48 and see if it stays stable. I dont have a striker but a Rampage Formula. I would also suggest looking at the ratios of the CPU/NB as well as delaying the NB by 100-200.


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          I will try that. but to what speed? is this setting for 1600mhz or higher?


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            Hey Masika,

            Have you managed to run 8GB with 2000mhz? at stock cpu speed?


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              Sorry but what are your timing settings?


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                My board only runs DDR2.

                The NB comment is one that I have read from research when OC with more than 2 DIMMS of ram.

                I am sorry if I gave the impression of running DDR3... I was only offering advice.


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                  Its alright but the tips you gave have been working perfectly. So far no crashes! running at 1800mhz!

                  I might try and lower the NB from 1.48 and see what is the lowest stable value.

                  Thanks for all your help. You have helped alot.



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                    Time for that CPU overclock. =) Should be one fast system...

                    Thank you
                    GSKILL SUPPORT


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                      I got my 9650 on my Rampage formula with DDR2 G.Skill Pi 1100MHz. at 4.14Ghz.

                      I love the Rampage formula but it is burning out and I am going to have to get a replacement board. I am looking at the P5Q3 Deluxe... if I can get one cheap.

                      Good luck with your OCing. I am happy iI could help.