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F3-1600C9D-8GRSL - Toshiba L655 S5078 - HM55 Mobo - Intel i5-450M processor

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  • F3-1600C9D-8GRSL - Toshiba L655 S5078 - HM55 Mobo - Intel i5-450M processor

    Hello, I'm getting errors trying to start my laptop with my newly purchased RAM.
    I bought F3-1600C9D-8GRSL, installed it into my Toshiba Satellite L655 S5078
    PSK2CU-00U001 HM55 Chipset (I found the info here: )

    I have an Intel® Core™ i5-450M processor, I'm using Windows Home Premium,
    I have BIOS version: InsydeH2O Version 2.80. Which I believe is the newest
    version of the BIOS.

    Video card/drvier: Intel HD Graphics

    When I put both sticks in the computer doesn't show "starting windows" and I think
    it may beep. But it only shows boot up, not the OS.
    When I only install one I get a BSOD showing several error messages. The most
    prominent being "IRQ NOT LESS OR EQUAL."

    My Toshiba shows that it is compatible with 8GB of RAM. Is my problem that the
    BIOS isn't scaling down the RAM? I wonder if an older version of the BIOS wouldn't
    have this problem, or if there is a version past 2.80 direct from the Motherboard
    Manufacturer and not from Toshiba.

    Does anybody have a solution?

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    That's not a standard spec kit so it doesn't scale down normally as you may think.

    The correct memory kit you need is G.Skill F3-8500CL7D-8GBSQ


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      So there is not a way to get it working? So I'm faced with returning it, and getting the one you recommended or giving it to someone for Christmas.


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        This review gave me hope:

        The guy acted like he got it working but I could not find a similar solution.


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          Strange review, something's not right there.

          Have you checked BIOS to see how the memory is recognized?

          How about testing the modules individually to see if it is work better with a single module?


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            I ended up giving the ram to my mother for Christmas. So problem solved,
            she had a newer Toshiba Satellite Intel Core i3 C875-S7304.

            Worked great after install. No returns! I was able to use her old memory
            in my computer. So I got a little boost in RAM amount. All worked out.

            Thanks G.Skill people!