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F3-2133C9Q-16GXL limitation with Asus Formula VII

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  • F3-2133C9Q-16GXL limitation with Asus Formula VII

    I have Asus Formula VII / Watch, motherboard. I am running F3-2133C9Q-16GXL modules but limited to 1866, Anything higher and the board wont post, I have tried 1 module at time with same result on optimized defaults using xmp.
    These modules are not on the QVL list for this board but I was hoping to get them working with some manual tweaks.
    Thanks for any help or suggestions.
    New to this bios and all the tweaks.

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    Manually input the values and let us know how it goes.

    DRAM Frequency, timings, and voltage.

    It may be best to hard reset the BIOS first to make sure there are no existing changes/glitches.


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      I have entered manual timings
      9 11 11 31 and 1866 to get it to 1866, I also tried 1.605 on voltage but I have not tried to take to the 1.65.
      I have read it not good to push voltage for ram because of shorten mileage, is that true of this or would it be safe in the long run with higher voltage on this specific ram?


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        No problem at all.