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3930K + Rampage IV + 2133Mhz DDR3 = Infinite reboot problem

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  • 3930K + Rampage IV + 2133Mhz DDR3 = Infinite reboot problem

    I recently purchased a 8x8GB 64GB kit from Gskill and I am unable to get my system to boot using anything beyond the standard 1600Mhz memory setting. I have tried to use the XMP profile and setting the target Dram speed to various settings with no success. I do not have my system overclocked in any way. The system will not even post when using any memory setting faster than the default. It simply reboots itself over and over until I manually turn it off then back on and reset the memory to the 1600Mhz default setting.

    Can somebody help me select the correct bios settings to get my new memory to work at its advertised 2133Mhz speed? There seems to be far more settings than I am familiar with.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    My Motherboard:
    Rampage IV Extreme

    My Memory:

    My CPU:

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    With XMP enabled, make sure each setting is manually input. DRAM frequency, timings, voltage, and VCCSA Voltage.

    If you still have a problem, test one module at a time with XMP enabled to make sure to they all pass at DDR3-2133 (rated specs). If they do, then they should work together. Keep us posted on the result and we can help from there.

    Thank you


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      What should the settings be?

      What should the settings be for my memory kit? The numbers on the box do not list VCCSA voltage


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        Enable XMP and it will display all the XMP values including VCCSA Voltage, which is the one that is not 1.65V.

        Thank you