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Asus P8Z77 V / Asus P8Z77 V LE Plus + Intel 3770K + ? 2133 G.Skill

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  • Tradesman
    Of the three in order, for the 3770K/Z77 combo would be Trident (designed around Z77/3rd Gen CPU), Ripjaws X (for 1155 socket and aimed at P67/Z68/H67, 2nd Gen CPUs), then Ripjaws Z (designed for socket 2011). Can say w/ Z77 and 3770K I've used both the Tridents and Ripjaws X in both 16 and 32GB setups w/ no problem.

    On initial install sticks always go to the mobo default, which should be 1600 here, but it's a simple matter of enabling XMP and selecting the profile for 2133 or 2400 in your case.

    QVLs can be rather misleading, especially in that they simply test with whatever is handy (which often can be old/out of production sticks....and they test at default, often 1333/1600. Check my info thread on QVLs here:

    Any other questions or help needed, fire off another post and will do best to answer

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  • Asus P8Z77 V / Asus P8Z77 V LE Plus + Intel 3770K + ? 2133 G.Skill

    Dear G.Skill Support Crew!

    Hi There,

    I've Been Reading Some Of The Threads ( As I Was Searching For My Answer Before Starting New One, Actually ) And I Didn't Find My Exact Case So I Considered Opening New One!

    So My Case Here Is That I Want To Buy One Of Those Boards I've Mentioned In The Title, And You See The Range Of G.Skill Ram(s) Is Not Very Big ( In My Area ), So I Have A Few Choices To Choose From.

    The First Is :
    Would You People Please Guide Me On Which Types And Exact Models Of G.Skill RAM(s) Has The Most Compatibility With Each Of These Boards ?

    And The Second Is :
    F3-17000CL11Q-16GBZL (2133)
    F3-2133C9D-16GXH (2133)
    F3-2400C10D-16GTX (2400)
    These Are The Available Models Around Here, I Personally Prefer Going With The 2133 Ones ( 2400 Is Very Very Expensive Around Here! )
    Isn't There Gonna Be a Compatibility Issue For SPD On 2133 MHZ, I Mean The XMP Information Is Going To Extract To The Board Right Away, Or Am I Going To Set That Manually Which I Don't Really Like It...

    And The Third Is :
    I Want To Install 16 GB Of DDR3 Memory ( Preferably Running @ 2133 Along With The Lower CL Time ! )
    Is It Better ( Performance And ETC... ) For Me To Buy 4 X 4 GB Packs Or 2 X 8 GB ?

    And The Fourth Is:

    And I've Also Looked Into Asus Memory QVL Lists For Both Of Those Boards But Like I Said The Mentioned Models In The Document Are Available Here.

    I Know I've Asked Alot And I'm A Bit Informal... So Please Accept My Kind Apologies.
    Thank You In Advance.