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4 gigs will not run right

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  • 4 gigs will not run right

    i have bought 4 sticks of the 1 gig g.skill f2-6400phu2-2gbhz pc2-6400 i can only run two sticks at a time if i put in 3 or 4 sticks in i get a blue screen i have trayed them on a evga 680i mother bored and a evga 780i mother bored so i know it is not the mother bored. i also tried to put each stick in by them self in each slot and all of them worked so i don't think there is a bad stick. i have tried it on xp 32 bit and vista 64 bit both get the exact same blue screen. does any body know of any thing i can do to get them to work or have herd of this problem before.?

    system spec
    evga780I mother bored
    lintel e6600 duel core
    evga 8600
    (2) 250g hard drives
    1 500g hard drive
    all at regular speeds.
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    sorry, but we don't recommend you to install 4 sticks on nvidia chipset platform
    it's picky to memory



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      What BIOS settings are you trying to run them at? EVGAs 780I mobos should handle 4 sticks with no problem. Try them at 5-5-5-14 2T, 2.1 volts

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