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F2-8500CL5-1GBPK x4 + GA-EP45-UD3L 1066 Finally!

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    update sorta

    decided to finish my waterloop...and put it all in 1 box. i lost 20mhz off my OC due to airflow changes (could regain and surpass with investment of time - have none right now). I had to increase DRAM voltages but i was able to reduce the NBcore down to 1.36.

    it's Big.

    added the MCH to the waterloop and therefore i could drop the voltage to 1.36 stable. It was doing 70c+ and causing major instabilities before i decided to WC it.

    lapped the quad core. all my cores run pretty close in temp now. it was very concave. Apogee XT for the CPU, it works good. 48c max under 2hours OCCT small stress.
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      Compare that to my aircooled run on the 1st page. OC & vcore is more or less the same. (small set is more intense on the cpu)

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