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Problematic RIPJAWS F2- 9600CLD6D-4gbrh with 780i

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  • Problematic RIPJAWS F2- 9600CLD6D-4gbrh with 780i

    Problematic RIPJAWS kit F2- 9600CLD6D with 780i


    I bought this kit expecting to take the most of my mobo, that is rated at 800Mhz and with epp, "up to 1200Mhz" ...
    Have read many reviews with systems and benchmarks with good results above 1200Mhz (With various memory brands).
    In the last few days i've been trying to get them to work at 1066Mhz (epp reference), but haven't succeded ...
    Have reasons to believe, from the tests i've made, that the memory and the mobo are not defective nor any problem.

    System Specs:
    XFX 780i SLI (latest bios updated P09)
    G.SKILL RIPJAWS kit f2-9600cld6d-4gbrh
    C2Q Q9550 (stock)
    Gigabyte GTX 260 (Factory OC - stock)
    Antec true power 750W PSU

    Problem presentation / Synthoms:
    At 1200Mhz : Won't Boot
    At 1066Mhz (auto and manual, with EPP enabled and disabled) : can't make it stable => BSOD, memtest 86 2x 100% Passed
    At 800Mhz (Auto): Stable, memtest 86 2x 100% Passed
    Configs tested:
    UNLINKED and EPP (Tested Enabled and disabled)

    The voltages for the ram, i've tried from 1. 8-2.0v
    NB Voltage, i've tried from 1,4-1,5v

    Timings i've tried from 5-7-7-20-1T to 7-7-7-22-2T
    Example of tested config:
    Spread spectrum: All disabled
    CPIex16_3, mhz = 100 (AUTO)
    SPP<-->MCP ref clock, mhz = 200 (AUTO)
    nforce SPP -->nforce MCP = 5x (AUTO)
    nForce SPP <--nForce MCP = 5x (AUTO)

    SLI ready memory = expert (epp disabled)
    FSB -memory clock mode = unlinked
    FSB (QDR), mhz = 1333
    Actual FSB (QDR, mHz= 1333
    MEM (DDR), mhz = 1066
    Actual mem DDR, mhz = 1066

    Memory Timing setting=Expert
    tCL (Cas latency) =7 (Max.)
    tRCD = 7(Max.)
    tRP= 7(Max.)
    tRAS= 20(Max.=31)
    command per clock (CMD)= 2T (AUTO)

    tRRD= 5 (Max.=15)
    tRC= 31(Manual max.) (in AUTO = 60)
    tWR= 6(AUTO=Max.)
    tWTR= 11(Max.=15)
    tREF= 7.8uS (AUTO)

    I need some help to use the potencial that this "top of the range" kit supose to offer. In case that you know any configuration that i can use, to raise at least to 1066 please tell me. In case of known incompatibility problems involving this chipset with this memory model, please advise about the most compatible G.Skill memory module in order to initiate an exange.

    Sistem Specs:
    XFX 780i
    Gigabyte GTX 260 oc
    G.Skill- 4Gb Ripjaws
    Anter True Power 750w
    So on...

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    Out of those settings, the one I see that could make a difference would be tWR 8. This is required for DDR2-1066+.

    Thank you