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Very disappointed in the RAM & G.Skill Support

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    It is very difficult to filter out hundreds of users per day especially when 80% are SPAM users looking to flood this forum. Good news is we have recently improved our filtering capabilities so in the future it will definitely speed up the approval process. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we do offer email and telephone support as well to help with getting your computer working properly.

    We appreciate you spending your time to give us feedback though, as we are always looking for ways to improve. Hopefully we will be able to regain your support in the future.

    Thank you

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  • Tradesman
    I can't make excuses for GSkill, as I have no idea what their actual overall workload is, but I can offer some insight. I am not an employee of GSkill, I just try and help out here (which benefits me as well as I hope the members of these boards. Having been doing this for some time now, they have made me a moderator which lets me do a little bit more than the average member, i.e. I can delete SPAM, BAN users that do SPAM and other odds and ends. One thing I don't have access to is to new users, those have to be screened by Gskill prior to being turned loose in the forums....I also know a few months ago, new members would trickle in on a daily basis, and I'm quite sure were screened and approved within a day, two at most - which in part led to a multitude of Spammers. It has rapidly increased and this site is being flooded with requests for new memberships with far and away the bulk of the new requests are from known site spammers.

    With no access to getting a list of new members as they sign up, I tend to try and check people as they show up on the board, i.e. when they register, or come to the forums and peruse the various posts - when I see them I check them out on my own and check the info available to me - to that end from Fri evening (after GSkill employees ended their day, through the weekend (when they are off) I myself banned over 130 new 'members' that had just signed up and/or were already awaiting confirmation. I also banned over 200 more that were already in the roles (prior to Fri). Additionally, I receive messages almost daily from members who have rec'd SPAM messages via the forums,
    I have been helping and trying to offer help in automating the screening process as much as is possible, which will hopefully reduce the approval time.
    The alternative to screening is just turning everbody that signs up loose, which might have let you post a couple of days sooner, but would also mean we would have probably had at least a couple hundred people spamming the site via post, open messages, and private messages - which would result in the GSkill forum administrators working full time just trying to clean up all the SPAM (as well as me helping whenever I have time to hit the boards)
    Just as a for instance, I took off one evening I was on-line for a smoke and to unload some components that had been delivered for a pair of system builds, when I returned appr 15 minutes later a SINGLE Spammer and placed posts (multiple) in each and every board of the forums as well as having fired off private messages to over 25 people, even more rolled in before I banned the 'member, then it took me appr 8 minutes to clean up all the SPAM - and later to reply to all the users that got Spammed through PM.
    SO............screening is an important process, and I can say the process is being worked on to streamline it and make it more efficient....and that it appears to be working, there have been fewer known Spammers trying to sign up, so approval times should decrease.
    If you haven't actually sent the package out yet and can provide the specs, I might be able to yet help this evening, or maybe GSkill can hit it in the AM.


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  • dustonio
    started a topic Very disappointed in the RAM & G.Skill Support

    Very disappointed in the RAM & G.Skill Support

    Earlier this month (Sept 2009) I purchased the following RAM from NewEgg. I bought two sets to make 8GB
    G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model F2-8500CL5D-4GBPK - Retail

    Unfortunately my system was not running very unstable for a week and a half before I narrowed it down to be a problem with the RAM. I then read some reviews on NewEgg about the RAM where G.Skill posted helpful replies to negative reviews about their product and mentioned this support forum. I read that this RAM is not "plug & play" and instead requires changes to the BIOS.

    There were links to this forum, so I promptly set up an account to this forum and began reading through all the threads. I made all the changes possible to the BIOS that were mentioned in this forum, but my system was not running stable.

    Finally I wanted to reach out and contact somebody at G.Skill for support to help me with my specific problem, but I could not post. Unfortunately it took the G.Skill staff three business days to approve my account so that I could post to the forum. (Today is the first day I can post).

    I want to express my disappointment with G.Skill's lack of promptness in allowing customers to request support through this forum. After waiting 24 hours over a Monday to have my account approved for posting, I decided to take a 15% restocking fee hit and return my purchase to NewEgg so that I could purchase RAM from another vendor.