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Asus A8n issue

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  • Asus A8n issue

    I have an ASUS A8n SLI Deluxe
    CPU = Athlon 64
    I have been using a matched pair of F1-3200USU2

    Yeah I know... It's all old stuff

    But this setup has worked fine for quite awhile
    All of a sudden the mobo wouldn't post and now tests dead
    It worked just fine Friday night, shut down normally and wouldn't even beep at me on Saturday

    got another mobo (same model)... new one wouldn't post either
    changed the CPU to an Athlon 64 x2... no difference

    took an Athlon 64 out of my son's computer that was working great... still wouldn't post
    so I figured I had a DOA mobo (I guess it happens)

    I decided that I would just get my money back for the DOA A8n and upgrade to a mobo that could use DDR2 or 3 and my son asked if he could have my RAM sticks

    Remember, his computer was working perfectly a half hour before this.
    We put the pair of F1-3200usu2 into his computer and now his computer won't post either

    The ONLY thing that we put into his computer from mine was the 2 sticks.
    Although we DID put his Athlon 64 back after putting it into both of my dead mobos

    Is there any possibility that the RAM sticks are frying the motherboards or wiping out the BIOS or... ?

    We're totally stumped

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    Mobo Troubles

    From what you say, sounds like the RAM modules could have gone bad and somehow taken the motherboards out.

    Hopefully they didn't fry the CPU's as well. I would try to get another motherboard and use some different RAM and see if that works.

    It is hard to tell what is broken and what is not in these situations. Also, did you notice any bad smells, like burnt plastic or any discoloring of the pins on the RAM or in the ram slots? Scorch marks would be an obvious sign of something going bad. But, not every situation is the same.

    If the motherboards weren't dead, they'd at least give some BIOS beeps but sounds like it is totally dead.


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      the RAM sticks look like they just came out of the box and don't have any smell at all
      I hate to just throw them ($$) out the window but I'm nervous about the possibility of frying another mobo that's MORE expensive than the sticks

      Today's a holiday so I'll call both G.SKILL AND ASUS techs to see what they say about it

      THanks for your response


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        are there any burnt points on the memory gold finger?

        turn on the pc without installing the memory to see if the motherboard would give you some beeps
        If it still beeps, at least the motherboard is not totally dead
        If it doesn't beep at all, the motherbard should be dead



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          I was about to buy a pair of sticks (F1-3200PHU2-2GBNS) but after reading the above I'm paranoid because I have the exact same motherboard. Do I have reason to worry?

          Also I currently have 2x512MB Kingston RAM installed and I was hoping to use the new RAM to upgrade to 3GB total. The timing on the Kingston RAM is 3.0-3-3-8. Will this cause problems?

          Thanks in advance.


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            installing 4 sticks on K8 platform would make memory downgrade to DDR 333
            it's the limitation of K8 memory controller
            if it is acceptatble, there should be no compatible problem with this combination



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              Wow that's great to know.. I'm glad I asked.
              In general, would 2GB @ 400MHz be preferable to 3GB @ 333MHz?


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                generally, 2GB ram is enough for normal use
                it might be hard to feel the difference between 2GB and 3GB
                so, for your platform, we'd recommend you to keep using 2GB ram unless you would run some programs needing lots of memory



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                  Ok so I got the RAM, installed it, and for some strange reason Windows won't boot. The system seems to recognize the RAM but the hard drives simply do not spin. I put the old RAM back in and it works. What gives?? I was so excited to do my first upgrade on my system in over a year, and I'd hate to have to give up and send this stuff back. Is it incompatible with the A8N-SLI Deluxe somehow??


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                    I may have just had it seated incorrectly.. it was a very tight fit. Working beautifully now!


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