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Use trident Z 3866 MHz CAS 18 on Asus X99-A

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  • Use trident Z 3866 MHz CAS 18 on Asus X99-A

    hello, I recover 4 barrettes of gskill trident Z 3866 MHz CAS 18 (reference f4-3866c18d-16gtzkw).
    I have a system with a xeon e5 1660 V3 and an Asus X99-A latest bios update.

    I manage to run the 3200 MHz 14-14-14-30-2T ram for 1.4V in most tasks, but I'm unstable under y-cruncher.

    I mounted the VCCSA at 1.084V which seems to be the most stable for these settings.
    However I would like advice on the secondary and tertiary timings usually used on these kits in 3200 MHz (Samsung B-die).

    I tried all VCCSAs from 0.96 to 1.15V and I can not stabilize.
    I also try the Vcache 1.2V and more but it does not improve things ...

    I feel that it lacks a little something to be stable but I can not find, so I just take advice from you.

    Knowing that I'm aware that these barrettes are not initially planned on my platform, but a lot of people managed to make the tridentz on X99 of what I saw.

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    tRAS 34, tRC 48, tRFC 560, tFAW 39T

    If you can post some screen shots of BIOS we can see what's going on and if any adjustment is necessary