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GA-X79-UD7 memory frequency?

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  • GA-X79-UD7 memory frequency?

    Seems I cannot raise the memory frequency past 1600Mhz in the BIOS just reads 1600 ,only a slight rise with F10 BIOS when more voltage applied, XMP will not work with either profile, jacked up imc and vtt but no change, will not boot with XMP with any settings , Gskill Trident Z 2400 reads fine with memtest and runs fine at 1600, is this a BIOS problem with this board or is this memory related? old board i7 3930 but hardly used really as new? XMP does change the timings but even 2133 will not stick, anyone have any clue whats up here?I s BIOS F12f only for IB or can this be used with my processor? Thanks for any help

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    Xmp 1.3

    Seems I managed 2133 finally and after all this bs ,it seems the last BIOS F11w for that board will not hold memory settings higher than 1600, still not sure why XMP will not work any ideas?