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TridentZ 3866 and X99: timings for 3200?

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  • TridentZ 3866 and X99: timings for 3200?

    I knew when buying it that I would not be able to run at factory top speed. But I have a hard time finding the most stable timings.
    Mobo is Asus X99 Rampage V Edition 10.
    Ram is F4-3866C18Q-16GTZ.

    Intel base timings are based on 15-15-15-35 for 2133 Mhz
    XMP profile (just one!) is 18-22-22-42-2N for 3866 Mhz

    I have to find something in between, so I tried many, many timings and speeds, but can't find the perfect spot and I do not have a methodology or guide. Searching internet brings nothing.

    By the way, are all RAM sticks of the same "family" made of the same parts, so I could copy factory OC/XMP settings from a TridentZ 3200? This speed is my goal...

    Thank you a lot! I have been fighting for months...

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    Yes, you can try the 3200 XMP and see how that works. The higher frequency kit is capable of better so typically a lower frequency spec will be fine.

    Also, do you have the latest BIOS/EFI for the motherboard?


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      i have latest 1502 bios from Asus. I am now running RAM at 3400 Mhz!! Thanks a lot for the inspiration!

      my build and Aida results:


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        Very awesome build! Would be great for people to see in our Members section:

        Glad to hear you got everything working well. BIOS update can do wonders