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AsRock X79 Extreme 6 memory compatibility

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  • AsRock X79 Extreme 6 memory compatibility

    It seems that ASRock no longer update their memory QVL listing. See

    I have an ASRock X79 Extreme 6 mobo. With an i7 3790k (mostly at 4.2GHz).

    At the moment I have 16gb: f3-17000cl9q-16gbzh (GSkill - 4x4gb). It had good reviews.

    I do video editing. Now at just 1080p. Down the road I want to start with 4K. I figure one of the things I should do is get more ram - to help with processing larger files.

    So I'm thinking of going for 32GB. The QVL for memory for the ASRock mobo lists only one ram kit for 2400: GSkill F3-2400C10Q-32GTX. When I contacted GSkill they said:

    "We cannot guarantee the compatibility for 2400MHz, please kindly consider about 2133MHz memory kit.

    Best Regards

    Tech Support Team
    G.SKILL international"
    - even though that ram is on their QVL.

    So: Question 1. - Why not use 2400 ram on ASRock X79 Extreme 6? What sort of problems could I get? How could I overcome them?

    Next I was looking at getting 32GB of 2133.
    I can buy another 16GB of the same f3-17000cl9q-16gbzh from Amazon for $210aud. (The original lot cost me $159aud 3 years ago.) Then I'd have to hope I could get the new kit to work well with the old kit.
    Or I can buy a 32GB (8x4gb) kit of f3-17000cl9q-16gbzh from Newegg for $270. And try to sell the current 16GB.

    Question 2. If I can't get/shouldn't use a 32GB kit of 2400, which is the best way to go? - another 16GB kit or a new 32GB kit? With adding another 16GB kit - What sort of problems could I get? How could I overcome them?
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    You can use the 2400 kit but may not reach the full specs.

    Buy a 32GB kit rather than having to worry about matching multiple kits and potential strange problems.

    Get a 32GB kit at all costs. There is no overcoming other than running at a lower frequency, but some times they can't work at all so it is just unwanted trouble.


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      asrock x79 extreme 6, compatibility

      Thanks for your input. I thought that might be the direction to go. But having an affirmation really helps.

      If I buy a new 32GB then I'm open to suggestions as to specifically which. When I put my mobo into the GSkill configurator, it only lists one 4 x 4gb CAS11 2133 kit.

      Is there other ram that should OK? Any tested as OK but not listed from the configurator?

      Can I use 4 x 8GB? or just 8 x 4GB?

      It's hard to find locally (Australia). I might have to buy from Amazon or Newegg (if they ship to me).

      Edit: From a check of PartPicker - 2133 cl 9 GSkill:
      Ripjaws Z F3-2133C9Q-32GZH,
      Ripjaws X F3-2133C9Q-32GXH,
      Trident X F3-2133C9Q-32GTX
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        RipJaws Z is designed for X79

        Any of the kits you mentioned can work


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          Thanks again

          The Tridents seem to be the best price - $246aud through Newegg. The others are over $300aud.