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Overclocking question on F4-3200C14Q-32GTZ

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  • Overclocking question on F4-3200C14Q-32GTZ

    Hi all,

    I've been trying to play around with the F4-3200C14Q-32GTZ, and mess with primary and secondary timings. Using 5960X and RVE.

    I was able to get it down to C13(didn't work) and 1T(works 100%), but any other change at primary timings seems like it will never work. If I'm wrong here and most kits can handle lowering primary timings then please help me out - especially since these are advertised as super awesome overclocking sticks.

    But my question is on 2 settings with Secondary timings.

    the tRFC and the tREFI.

    I have tried lowering the tRFC by a large margin, and also setting tREFI to over 30,000 - and these were perfectly stable.

    My question is... even though they are stable.. how much damage would this do to the kit over time? And if it would quickly degrade them.. what is the safest way to go with these timings while still getting the performance boost I want?

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    Timings heavily depend on DRAM Voltage and Frequency. What settings did you attempt for C13?

    Lowering tRFC and tREFI is fine as long as the system is stable.


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      Okay so tRFC and tREFI won't degrade my sticks at a super accelerated pace? Isn't there a hard limit on how low the tRFC can go based on frequency/timings - I can't find the equation.. do you know what it would be?

      I attempted the C13 at 1.38V-1.4V with .68-.7V VTTDDR and a 1.2V VCCSA. Also set DRAM Current Capability to 120% as suggested throughout forums.

      Should I be looking at a 1.45-1.5V range for decreased primary timings?
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        No, and really there is no point in focusing on those timings since they do not significantly improve performance but can significantly worsen stability. So my suggestion is to stick with what it is for XMP.

        As far as DRAM Voltage, yes, 1.45V-1.50V should improve range for decreasing primary timings so feel free to give it a shot to see what it can do.


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          will these sticks last long with 1.45+ volts? My previous sets of DDR4 ran at 1.45(rated at 1.35V) and died after a few months. I'm looking to OC these where I can use them for at least a year, while getting the lowest latency possible (which is why I was also tweaking the secondary timings)

          Also I know you're saying they dont significantly improve performance but tweaking those (and getting them stable) gave me a 10% decrease in latency, which is massive for me - and I'd like to go even lower.
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            Tweaking the tertiary timings will probably net you bigger performance gains over the secondaries. Other than that quad channel systems are usually not starving on memory bandwidth for general use, gaming and the likes.
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              Cant touch tertiary, seems the training is pretty aggressive as is. Pretty much any decrease wont work for me.


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                Care to show us a screenshot with your Aida64 memtest result and ASUS Memtweakit for the timings?

                I won't really be able to judge your score though, since all i got is a dual channel Skylake system that hits around 50K each in read/copy/write at that frequency.
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                  [SPOILER=Warning: Spoiler!][/SPOILER]
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