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How to enable XMP/ manually overclock G.SKILL memory with MSI Z77 & Ivy Bridge

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  • How to enable XMP/ manually overclock G.SKILL memory with MSI Z77 & Ivy Bridge

    Someone may not be very familiar with BIOS, and we will show you how to enable XMP with MSI Z77 motherboard here

    Before enable XMP, please update with latest version of Motherboard BIOS and clear the CMOS.

    OR, you can manually adjust the BIOS as the memory Specification:

    Select the DRAM frequency:

    Adjust the Timing

    Adjust the DRAM voltage

    After you adjust/enable XMP profile, make sure that you save the changes & exit.

    Also, you can check the DRAM frequency/Timing by CPU-Z
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    I can't quite seem to get the m/b to keep the settings. P.O.S.T is showing my target speed of 2400mhz, as is BIOS. XMP is showing all the right settings, but PCWizard and Control Center are only showing 1600mhz
    I have made sure to have lastest BIOS flash, and all drivers from MSI are up to date. I've tried using OC Genie II as well, with no luck.

    Motherboard: MSI Z77MA-G45 (MS-7759)
    BIOS: V1.9/20130301
    RAM: F3-2400C11D-8GXM
    OS: Windows7 Home Premium x64

    Well, that's interesting! I tried checking with CPU-Z and Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, and both are showing the proper 2400mhz. Guess I'll take their words for it! Next maybe I'll try some true OC
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      The software might be showing the default boot freq from the SPD

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