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Gigabyte Designare + i9-9900k + Trident Z Samsung B-DIE 3600/ 4000mhz. OC XMP Fail

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  • Gigabyte Designare + i9-9900k + Trident Z Samsung B-DIE 3600/ 4000mhz. OC XMP Fail


    my Setup:
    Gigabyte Z390 Designare (laetst Bios update F9b)
    i9-9900k @stock

    bought 2 Different Trident Z with Samsung B-die
    which showed up at the G.Skill RAM Calculator
    for my Mobo.
    (testet separately)

    - F4-4000C17D-16GTZR
    - F4-3600C16D-16GTZR

    Please have a look at my provided screenshots from cpu-z
    and the bios ( here i marked where i changed things)

    a) 3600mhz rated pair runs stable on XMP profile

    b) 3600mhz rated pair
    am i doing this right? Am i missing sth?
    1. disable xmp
    2. set manually to mhz 3600-4000.
    3. play around with DRAM Voltage 1,35-1,45v
    4.set Memory Channels Timing manually (CAS; tRCD; tRP; tRAS)

    either the PC won´t boot or will crash when starting Battlefield V

    so i ordered 4000mhz Rated pair suitable for my Mobo (according
    to G.Skill calculator

    Pair won´t run stable even on XMP Profile.

    What can i do?

    i heard you need a good Mobo and CPU to get the RAM
    stable at 4000mhz, and i thought i´d have that kind of hardware
    am i just unlucky with my CPU or can i do sth to stabilize
    4000mhz rated pair on xmp ?

    On the BIOS screenshots you can see the Voltages of the CPU aswell

    thanks guys

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    You screenshots are not loading for me, so just some general hints.

    1) Please double check that the modules are in the recommended DIMM slots according to your MB manual. With most motherboards A2 and B2 are the first slots to be populated.

    2) When you enable the XMP, check that alle the values are properly adjusted in BIOS, including the Vdimm of 1.35V. The command rate should be 2T on AUTO.

    3) For the F4-4000C17D-16GTZR: You might have to adjust the VCCSA and VCCIO, if the motherboard fails to properly adjust them for your processor. The optimal value for stability does differ from one processor to another, but a 9900K usually needs roughly 1.25V /+/-) for that.

    If you cannot seem to get anywhere with F9b, retest with another/non-beta BIOS version.
    >> The official G.SKILL Memory Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)! << | [pictures] Show off your G.SKILL products!


    • #3
      Hi emissary,

      thanks for the fast reply

      i double checked from various browser and ios even not logged in i can see the Pictures attached
      to my original Post.

      If somoene has trouble seeing them asswell here is a dropbox link:

      1) i checked again in the manual and it seems that gigabyte claims
      that both A2 + B2 or A1 + B1 is ok for Dual Channel.
      but i will use the other 2 Slots for test purposes tomorrow.

      2) if i enable the XMP the bios says "DRAM VOLTAGe Chanel A/B"
      Auto / 1,2V but if i check with cpu-z i´ts voltage is 1,35v.
      i guess you meant DRAM Voltage with "Vdimm" ?

      Command Rate is on Auto 2 i never changed that tbh.

      3) adjusting VCCSA and VCCIO to around 1,25V
      is not considered overclocking the CPU is it?
      (VCCIO: on my screenshot it says Auto and 0,95v) but as
      with DRAM it could be another voltage i guess, because
      the Auto stands above the generic value.

      i will try another bios aswell thanks


      • #4
        i´ve noticed with xmp enabled
        VCCSA set to auto (which should be cpu system agent voltage on my board) = 1,32V roundabout.

        with xmp disabled
        VCCSA = 1,05.

        need to check that with the 3600mhz set. but with 4000mhz it is.

        could stabilize 4000mhz set to 1,45v and VCCSA / VCCIO to auto.

        is that to high in the long run? do i harm my system.
        maybe i just should settle with the 3600mhz.

        in HW-info i can read the VCCSA numbers but
        where is VCCIO someone knows that?


        • #5
          in the meantime i testet every possible combination
          -different ram slots,
          -different vccsa / vccio
          -DRAM voltage settings
          - 3different bios

          can´t get the 4000cl17 running on my gigabyte designare with i9.
          pretty dissapointet

          g.Skill staff ?
          no one here to help


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