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OC GSkill TridentX F3-2400C9-4GTXD to 2666

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  • OC GSkill TridentX F3-2400C9-4GTXD to 2666

    I have been tweaking my ole MSI Z97 MPower Max AC that has a Intel Core i7-4790K OC'd to 4.9 1.320v and has 4 sticks of TridentX F3-2400C9.Right now I have them at 2400 9 11 11 24 1T with 1.670 dram volts 1.125v SA and 1.125v IO,CPU-IO Digital voltage 1.150v and CPU IOA/IOD Voltage Boost + 100mv .I tried some of the motherboards presets for 2600 and 2666 at CL-10-11 and 12 and she boots to windows most of the time but Fails stress testing.Anyone know what kind of Dram volts I should be trying for 2600 or 2666 OC along with IO & SA volts.Any help greatly appreciated...
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    The required VCCSA/IO voltages for a certain memory frequency vary from one CPU to another. You have to find the ideal and stabile values yourself if the motherboard does not adjust them by itself.

    With a kit like F3-2400C9D-8GTXD a Vdimm around 1.65-1.70V should suffice for DDR3-2600/2666 10-12-12 in most cases.
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