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F4-4400C19D-64GTZR can only go up to 3600

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  • F4-4400C19D-64GTZR can only go up to 3600

    Hi, I just started a threadripper build (3960x) and purchased 8 sticks of 4400 CL19 ram and am having serious issues with the speed of it. Right now I can't fit all 8 sticks due to the AIO's hose sticking out too much, so I am currently only using 4 sticks, i.e. 128GB, until my monoblock from EKWB arrives.

    The XMP profile obviously doesn't work, and I can't even boot to anything higher than 3666MHz. I finally managed to get it stable at 3600-18-22-22-22-46 with the following settings:
    procODT 60 ohm
    DRAM 1.35V
    SoC 1.20V
    VDDG IOD 1.05V
    VDDG CCD 1.05V

    What else can I do to get this faster? I am quite disappointed since I managed to get 128GB of G.skill 3600-18 ram to 3800-18 on my old build 5950x with barely any modifications, and that RAM was cheaper...

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    The memory kit model is not validated for your motherboard model, and it is well beyond it's capabilities so surely it can seem like the RAM is disappointing when in actuality the platform is not capable. You also purchased two separate kits instead of a single 128GB; there is no guarantee how well separate kits can match but if you were able to get them running at DDR4-3600, sounds like they are good. That is what we would expect from that combination. With CPU SoC at 1.20V, CPU IMC may be at limits and better to save any headroom for stability or CPU OC.