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F4-3800C14Q-32GTZN cannot be clocked to 3800Mhz

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  • F4-3800C14Q-32GTZN cannot be clocked to 3800Mhz

    Hi tweakers

    I recently bought a new PC, AMD 5950X, with ASUS ROG STRIX X570-E mainboard.
    Ive checked the calculator for the best Ram to buy for this setup and went with the F4-3800C14Q-32GTZN.
    There is only currently a Issue. I can't set it up @ 3800 MHZ in the bios.
    I am currently using their latest Bios version. And switched on DOCP. and manually selected DDR4-3800MHZ and FLCK 1900 MHZ.
    After saving the setting my pc won't boot and I get prompted to enter my bios again.
    I can get it to work when I switch to DDR4-3600 / FLCK 1800.

    Does anyone have tips. which setting I can play with to get this ram sticks working on 3800 CL14

    Kind Regards,

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    Check CPU SoC Voltage at DDR4-3600, then manually set it higher to see if you can stabilize 3800. You can also try one module at a time to ensure all can achieve on their own, because if not there is no need to try more sticks together. Let us know how it goes.


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      I only did try 1.15 soc voltage. Stock its on 1.1 auto. Ill try up to 1.2. Let you know. Thanks


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        I have the be quiet dark rock pro 4 cooler which is blocking the Dimms, so I am not really bothered to take that thing off
        Ive tried SoC voltage up to 1.2 but doesnt boot.
        I think I just leave it at 3600 ive dropped the voltage a bit from 1.5V to 1.45V. that doesnt hurt right? Ive noticed the 3600 Kit runs at a bit lower voltage.

        Yesterday ive noticed while playing flight simulator the temps were around 50 degrees with some spikes up to 54. is that ok also ?

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          Lower Voltage is fine as long as the system is stable. You are correct, lower frequency typically requires less Voltage especially if timings are same. This also means CPU and RAM is cooler. 50 degrees C is normal , including spikes to 54+ so no worries.


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            Thanks alot for your help :-)


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              Hi.... I have a similar RAM, CPU and Motherboard as you, however I have 16GB of RAM rather than 32GB. I have issues running my RAM at XMP on the X570 AORUS MASTER. I'm not getting blue screens, however when I run it at 3600MHz the PC in some cases resets the BIOS settings (because of a bug/or precariousness). I figure we can securely say that this stage called X570 isn't yet completely created. In case it was everything should turn out great, yet it doesn't. A many individuals have issues with their RAM on the X570 chipset. It's what I can finish up from my own involvement in Ryzen yet.