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F4-4400C18D-16GTRS how to get them to 4400

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  • F4-4400C18D-16GTRS how to get them to 4400

    Just bought These jewels two 16gig kits for a total of 32 gigs any tips on how to get them there ?

    motherboard is Gigabyte X570 Aorus Xtreame with the AMD 3800x cpu and a 1200 watt power supply and a Radeon VII Graphics card

    sweet Build I did just would like to max out ther ram or at least get them to the 4400 if possible
    so any tips here are welcome
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    You will need to test and see what they can do together, there is no guarantee since they are two separate kits of RAM.


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      Yah the serial numbers are 47,48 and 49,50 I will just play around and see what it can had it up to 3800 with no major tweaks just thought maybe somebody had got them to 4400 on the the x570 motherboard from gigabyte

      put in 1 pair then the other that,s worth a try for sure
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        Ok I took the ram out then only put in 1 set and bingo 4400 then took them out and no joy defaulted to 1833 went in bios and manually set the XMP and speed to 4400
        it worked put both sets in and no joy so going to RMA that set I guess

        thanks for leading an ear