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Overclocking memory and ram

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  • Overclocking memory and ram

    So i built i new pc.


    Cpu: i9-10900k

    Motherboard: Asus rog strix xii maximus hero wi-fi

    Ram: 4x8 3600mhz cl16 gskill trident z royal

    Gpu: asus rog strix 3080 oc

    Cooler: nzxt z73

    Psu: 1000watt gold certified asus rog

    I know that asus motherboards have high auto turbo settings and that it can mean stability issues with xmp profiles..

    My question is what oc settings should i have if i just want too run 5ghz for my cpu and 3600 mhz for my ram sticks with their rated speeds. What are the safe voltages and etc ?

    And what should i disable or enable and how do i do this help is much appreciated.

    Btw sp score for cpu is 63 and bios is updated

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    Do you have the latest BIOS? Enable XMP Profile in BIOS and that should configure settings automatically. Let us know how it goes.


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      Xmp 1 and 2 dosent work i get errors but if i Clock down too 3500 mhz it works.

      and i been Clocked down the CPU too 5ghz Cuz i think it dosent work with the turbo too 5.3 ghz memory frequence is too much for the CPU .

      can anyone help too get it too 3600 mhz on the ram ?


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        Check CPU VCCSA Voltage, then manually input a value and fine tune it to see if that can improve stability. CPU internal memory controller may be overloaded so manual adjustment may be necessary. CPU and DRAM OC both will stress CPU so you may need to test and see which balance of settings will work best for your purpose.