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Trident z 3600 cl 15 15 15 35 over clocking

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  • Trident z 3600 cl 15 15 15 35 over clocking

    Hey there I have 2 of the 16gb ( 4 x 8 gb ) 32 gb coming in the mail and it will be on asus x hero z 370 .

    how well these over clock some people I read are geting 4000 cl 15 ,4266 , 4400 cl 18 @ 1.45 +

    The on my boards qvl and g.skill web site .
    says for 16gb not 32gb but who knows .

    any input will help

    ps I'm running a 3000 mhz cl 14 14 14 34 kit 16gb @, 4000 cl 17 . So 3600 cl 15 should do a lot better

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    If they are two separate 16GB kits, there is no guarantee how well they can work together, so you will need to test to find out. Let us know how it goes.


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      G.Skill Trident Z DDR4 RAMs are the one of the best memory modules out there in the market. I have overclocked mine using the XMP profile but you can also do it with the manual settings. If you are looking for a way to overclock you Trident Z RAM then you can check this tutorial on how to overclock ddr4 RAM from a tech website