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Looking for OC timings for Trident Z

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  • Looking for OC timings for Trident Z

    These always start with the "I am new to this", but, well, I am...

    I have G. Skill Trident Z - F4-2800C15D-16GTZB (2x8) that I cannot seem to get XMP running, or at least running stable. I have MSI z170A Gaming m7, Bios latest at 1.8, 6700k CPU. I am suspect now that something with the Board (or Bios) is the culprit. So I'd like to skip XMP and do this manually, work my way up, to reach the rated 2800. Then I'll know what the problem is.

    I was hoping XMP would be the magic and I was done. I have never done this so. There are a lot of settings and I am worried about screwing it up. I could not seem to find a good guide as they all have a little assumption that one has done this before. Of all the timing settings, does one only have to change a few? I can see in CPU-Z the XMP profile settings. Looking for a good starting place. Also was considering Turning on XMP and then adjusting values too.

    (I did turn AMP on and we able to boot into windows at 2800, but shortly hit the blue screen with MEMORY errors.)

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Try one module at a time to see if the error occurs.

    Do you have the RAM installed in the same color slots furthest away from the CPU?

    There are many settings in BIOS, but you only need to adjust the ones you see on the RAM and packaging. The rest will automatically adjust based on the main values you input.