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ram compatibility

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  • ram compatibility

    Well, I'm making a new computer, and I keep noticing that the RAM sticks are optimized or built for either intel or AMD, the computer that I want to build will be an AMD Phenom II x6 processor with an ASUS M489GTD PRO/usb3 and I really want to buy some form of RAM that can fully utilize it's DDR3 2000 capabilities, now the obvious choice is the flare: F3-16000CL7D-4GBFLS, but i was wondering if I could run ram, such as the PIS F3-16000CL9D-4GBPIS which says that it is for intel on my AMD board.

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    Yes, you just want to make sure your system is capable of the specs.

    Some people purchase DDR3-2400 for their AMD 720 with 785 chipset... then ask me why the heck it only works at DDR3-1333... that's the reason why we state "Intel only" "AMD 6 core only" and such limitations. They aren't necessarily ONLY, but only certain hardware can support the specification.

    Thank you
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      ah, okay, thank you very much, I always kinda thought so, but just double checking to make sure.


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