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21+ memory modules later!!

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  • 21+ memory modules later!!

    I purchase DDR4 for my sabertooth motherboard. Without overclocking or anything bud standard setup ... Keep on popping memory modules. No one give me solution just refund memory each time and let problem go. I sit with 8 memory modules riplaw v5 and only 3 is now working rest dead again! How many memory modules must i replace each time? F4-2666c15d-8gvr and they not even that old and they pop also. Like they dead bios dont even detect them. I never came accross memory like gskill that gives so much issues and all modules just die after a year or 2.

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    Do you have the latest BIOS? What settings are you using? Send them in for RMA and replacements should work better.


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      If your systems burns through memory modules that quickly, it is also possible there could be an issue with the motherboard. Since all the memory voltages are generated by the motherboard, if there is a technical fault with the memory VRM, that would explain why the modules keep failing over and over again. It is not always possible to verify that directly though, since voltage and current monitoring are often only available for Vdimm itself.
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        I went and read on and found following also. THink its the memory to be honest.