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motherboard dead slot

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  • motherboard dead slot

    Hello, I recently built my first computer and I had just fixed a watercooling problem (I just badly assemble the brackets) and when I start my pc, it turns off and on in loop. I did tests and I conclude that one of my ram slots is dead ( I have only 2 slots ). I did not touch it when I fixed my watercooling. Is there a possibility that I can fix the problem or will I absolutely have to buy myself a new motherboard?

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    On a two dimm slot model it is more difficult to determine if the issue is the slot itself or the memory controller, since both channels only have that single slot. Things to test include retesting with a boxed cooler to eliminate the possibility of a mis-mounted/overtightened water-block or checking the pins in the socket if it is an Intel or LGA platform.
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