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Metro Exodus - exit to main menu - CTD and system reboot

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  • Metro Exodus - exit to main menu - CTD and system reboot

    Monitor:AORUS AD27QD

    Cpu: i7-9900K stock 4.7 with Noctua NH-D15

    Gpu: Rtx 2080 Ti Aorus Xtreme Waterforce ( stock no oc,temps max 63C on load )

    Ram: 32gb 2x16 GB DDR4 GSKILL 3000MHZ XMP

    Psu: Seasonic Ultra Prime Titanium 850W

    mb: Asus Prime Z390-A

    SSD: Crucial 1TB


    Case: Cooler Master Cosmos C700P

    Hi. My question. I had a crash in Metro Exodus after 20 hours ,during exiting to MAIN MENU. Black screen,crash to desktop and unexpected reboot.

    Why system rebooted after the crash? It happened once. Before reboot file appeared: --> PoW32kwatchdog.dmp

    But i found this in windows/livekernelreports/PoW32kwatchdog.dmp <======== ( 1,8GB )

    "a callout to win32k did not return promptly" windbg read

    I tested other games no single issue. Memtest86 no errors,ramtest fine.realbench ok

    Is my ram ok?

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Did you memtest one module at a time? If both pass they should be fine.


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      After 21 hours when i click Exit to main menu in Metro Exodus it crashed to desktop, after black screen, there was an circle instead of arrow,and i was not unable to do anything. So i make CTRL ALT DELETE logged from system and logged back in again, and then reboot happened. Can you explain me why?
      Just logging again to system something messed up.

      I checked event logs: There was KERNEL 41,no bugcheck. But only file was created. C:/windows/livekernelreports/pow32kwatchdog.dmp

      Memtest86,Ramtest no errors. All passing fine. Including Realbench etdc