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    Hello everyone,

    I am thinking of buying 16gb G.Skill Trident RGB Ram for my first PC build with Ryzen that I am doing soon, but I have a few questions about it first. The size of my PC case is an mATX, and the motherboard that I like the most is the ASRock AB350M Pro4. My questions for the RAM & motherboard compatibility are:
    1. Will ASRock's RGB software be able to control / sync the RGB of the RAM to the other RGB I have hooked up? I would like it to be similar syncing to that of the Asus Aura's
    2. If it can NOT sync with the ASRock software, is there a way to control the RGB LEDs? - does G.Skill have a separate software that I can use? Or will they just be set to a default colour scheme / rhythm?

    I would have loved to buy an Asus Strix motherboard for Ryzen, but they have not made one in the mATX form factor (and the other mATX Asus boards are not too great IMO). So the ASRock motherboard is a close second to what I want in the build.

    If anyone who knows the answers can help me, that would be awesome!

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    1. Not yet, we are working on compatibility with ASRock

    2. Yes, G.Skill software is available, but all other RGB software must be disabled during any time of use.


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      Thanks for the quick reply G.Skill Tech!

      That's awesome to hear that compatibility is in the works, and that there is currently a working solution as of now. I will pick up some of the RAM soon then!
      Would there be an announcement for when an update becomes available for that ASRock support by chance?


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        Information will mainly be here in the forums, or on the Trident Z RGB download page.