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G.SKILL KM780 RGB Keyboard: Lighting Effects suggestions

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  • G.SKILL KM780 RGB Keyboard: Lighting Effects suggestions

    Hey all...

    KM780 RGB - great overall keyboard! Everything i wanted in a new mechanical keyboard physically, though the software and capabilities of the lighting etc do need some improvements. After reading through a couple of threads I thought I would start this definitive list so the wonderful Developers at G.Skill could start rolling out these much required changes:

    1) Ability to set per-key colors which occur OVER lighting effects. The Corsairs do this and it's much nicer than being forced to set all the keys to the same color if you want an animated effect to occur on top.

    2) Reactive lighting effect which doesn't fade down to 0% LED when activated. i.e. key effects such as REACTIVE happen over the top of any preset current effect - so the keys always remain lit up, but rather change with the effect. Being able to set each individually would help i.e. 'set foreground' and 'set background' colours/effects in the settings.

    ... these are pretty much the same thing with #2 being a specific example.

    OK KM780 users... and GO!

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    I second these requests.