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Hi guys,

I suspect that many of this generation SSD is starting to fail.

I have a Falcon 128GB installed in Mac Mini which just yesterday started playing up. The system froze and required a manual power off. However when trying to boot up the system again it stalls at a white screen with a question mark which indicates an OS can not be found. I have taken the drive out and connected it to another Mac and a PC and tried to repair the file system and read the SMART info and this is what the drive is telling me:

I cannot access the contents of the drive at all, both Mac and PC hangs when trying to mount or read/write to the drive. I can't run an error scan with HD Tune either as it gets stuck when starting.

Based on these symptoms, I think the drive dead. I've had it since 2009 so I guess it's been a reasonable run. Does anyone know of a way to salvage the data from the drive? I think putting the jumper on and installing new FW and cleaning the drive would wipe the data
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