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KM 780 Keyboard Macro problem

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  • KM 780 Keyboard Macro problem

    Newest firmare and software version.

    impossible to create a macro that holdīs down a key for example
    hold down "Enter/Return" key is impossible ---> the only thing that is possible is to repeatedly trigger the key < wich is not the same as holding it down.
    (also if set to Toggle Macro and you have a delay of 300 seconds between button pressed "delay" button not pressed --->> macro bugges out completly and is uninteruptable wich is annoying as ****)

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    as no one is answering ive written a mail.


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      Are you trying to create a macro to hold down a key for an indefinite amount of time? Or what kind of macro commands are you trying to accomplish?


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        Originally posted by G.SKILL View Post
        Are you trying to create a macro to hold down a key for an indefinite amount of time? Or what kind of macro commands are you trying to accomplish?
        I want a macro that i can toggle on / off
        if status is ON: a Key should be held down for example "Return key"
        if i toggel off : Key should no longer be held down.

        the problem is that i only can accomplish that the key getīs repeatedly "stroke" but not held down
        the 2nd problem is if i enter an inverval that it should be held down for X seconds < there is no way to abort the macro wich is horrific. ( alltough holding a key for X seconds is not what i try to accomplish at all)
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          Unfortunately, due to the design of the keyboard, where settings and macros are saved to the keyboard hardware, the macros are designed in such a way that a key press and release must be in the same macro. This is to prevent cases where macros might be created and cause a key stuck in the pressed position, without a defined break.

          A workaround might be possible, as long as you're not planning to hold down the key for more than 300 seconds (5 minutes) at a time.

          1. Create a new macro, use Record Delay.
          2. Record the macro for the key. (e.g. Press "Return" key once.)
          3. In the middle column, a delay should be shown. Click to highlight this delay, and click on the pen button on the bottom to edit this delay. Type in "99999" and press Enter. It will change the delay value to the maximum allowed (should be 327s for KM780 RGB, and may be different for the KM780 MX).
          4. Go to the Customize tab, select a key (e.g. G1) and set the recorded macro to the key. Choose "Toggle Macro On/Off" will allow you to break at any time inside the delay time.

          The only downside is that the key will be released and pressed again at the end of the delay time limit.


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            Thatīs a very flawed design decision.

            First of all there is no way to abort a running macro if you set an interval it can happen the macro starts and there is no way to abort it.

            2nd of all You guys already have the option toggle on/off macro < so there is no issue at all in creating a macro like a "walking macro" so that for example my char runs as long as i donīt toggle it again.

            3rd ITīs on your end to implement such a function. i mean this is basic s-h-i-t, to be able to hold down a key via macro.