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THE WORST SOFTWARE EVER, never buying G.Skill again

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  • THE WORST SOFTWARE EVER, never buying G.Skill again

    I published the review:

    1/5 stars purely based on software.
    Software is slow.
    Software is unclear.
    Software is a heavy load on the system resources after a while, but not visible in task manager. Probably on hardware level. File Explorer takes 5 seconds to start up. EVERYTHING becomes slow.

    I will never buy G.Skill again. It's one of the worst products in my whole life.

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    The keyboard itself is not bad. The software needs work, there are some glitches but even then it could be worst. I never had this issue with the software making my PC slow. Software runs fine for me, it just has some bugs.

    Oh yea, since you're posting reviews. Here's mine.
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      I had problems with the keyboard flash getting corrupted.
      Once all lighting settings were reset, the other time all keys were set to "disabled".

      I rolled back to FW 60 and SW 0.107
      Though, lost some features like "effect lighting with static background lighting",
      but at least it performs stable.

      Who thought that it would be a good idea to let every little change in the active profile to be instantly flashed onto the keyboard?

      IMO it all happened with the decision to port the SW from .NET Framework to C++,
      just to cut the necessity of enabling .NET 1.1-3.5 in Win8 and up.

      Which probably most customers of the target market have enabled anyway to support other stuff.


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        No more support. I regret buying this keyboard.

        Also, this is the OFF state of my RGB LEDs:


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          Let's hope that the reboot of Mad Catz will bring some fancy mechanical keyboards.


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            Originally posted by azeunkn0wn View Post
            No more support. I regret buying this keyboard.

            Also, this is the OFF state of my RGB LEDs:


            Try a reset to see if it can work better


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              Originally posted by GSKILL TECH View Post


              Try a reset to see if it can work better
              did not work. seems like a hardware issue. issue came back after the downgrade.


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                Originally posted by azeunkn0wn View Post

                did not work. seems like a hardware issue. issue came back after the downgrade.
                I can't even begin to count the amount of times I've had to reset the keyboard after login when the keyboard goes dark and unresponsive. I've reflash/reset the firmware multiple times using the instructions they have and nothing seems to help. I'm with you guys on it being a hardware issue. Support is severely lacking with nary a software update for a year plus. I regret my purchase. I've actively told friends to steer clear of G.Skills line of gaming devices due to lack of support and flaky hardware.

                Such a shame.


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                  Just found out when using the 3,5 mm jack pass-through on the keyboard, when having the LED's enabled, there is a beep tone coming through the 3,5 mm jack. Oh what piece of crap engineering this is. Turning off LED's when using 3,5 mm jack.


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                    Im mostly happy with my setup.
                    I am a Logitech fan through and through, and I bought my KM780 and MX780 together purely cos they were beign sold off as unused and I got them for a nice price, and I have had them on the shelf for a very long time... I have been in this house for 19 months and I bought them at my old house, so its around 2 years maybe?
                    Anyway, the space bar on my Logitech was getting a bit sticky cos our friends let thier **** kids play on my PC when I was out, and I think the shits dribbled on it.
                    So I am cleaning the keyboard out and so this came into action... Not hugely impressed, but the keys are funky... has a nice feel to it and its clearly a good gaming keyboard. The mouse I have had a hard time trying to get to grips with and I feel the Logitech G5 / G7 / G502 are the perfect match for my hands ( G9 I also got but dont use ).
                    The only thing I do hate, is the Macros... using the supplied software, is just rubbish, and when I try to setup a macro on the fly, I cannot stop it recording the delays, and so its not that good when it coems to the Macros, but other than that, I like it.
                    I have zero slowdown on my PCs, and I have had no issues what-so-ever..

                    I also have 4 PCs setup to my KVM. These are my server ( SuperMicro & Quad Opteron ), my Main PC ( Gigabyte Z370 & Intel 7700K ), My Linux PC ( SabreTooth 990FX & AMD 9590 ) and my Hackintosh ( Gigabyte Z170 & 6600K ) and it has no issues going from one setup to another, although it does sometimes lose its config with the lighting etc, but Im not that bothered.

                    My PC Never goes to sleep so I dont really care about that, as it will never affect me.


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