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F1-3200PHU2-2GBZX on ASRock K7VT6

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  • F1-3200PHU2-2GBZX on ASRock K7VT6


    in February this year I bought the above mentioned RAM modules, so I could take my system to it's limits.
    I have an AMD Athlon XP 2600+ CPU installed on this MOBO, which was originally running at 166 MHz FSB and which I overclocked to 190 MHz FSB without any problems.

    Only recently I tried to push my CPU just that bit further to 200 MHz FSB, when I realized that the real issue, that slowed my PC down was not the CPU, but the RAM which was not operating at 200MHz but only at 166MHz.

    Well, after I realized this I tried really anything that was mentioned on the internet about making RAM modules work including

    - changing CAS Latency to 2.5 and even to 3
    - setting DDR 400 value in BIOS instead of AUTO (and the other way round)
    - overclocking my CPU to 200MHz FSB, so there would be no ratio issues
    - installing only one module (then the other) and trying to make it run at 200 MHz
    - cleaning DIMM sockets on MB and switching the modules
    - setting RAM voltage to "High"
    - updating my BIOS to the latest version

    and any mixtures of the above ;-) But whatever I did this cursed board would still not run the memory at 200 MHz.

    I do not know about compatibility of the board and the memory, but the board is certainly designed to run 200 MHz DDR 400 memory, because there is "DDR 400" written on the board itself AND there is the BIOS option for DDR 400 AND the vendors homepage says that the board is DDR 400 compatible and so on...

    Ok, so if anyone has any idea of how to make this RAM work at 200 MHz then please let me know. Well and if it's not possible to do this please do not hesitate to tell me either... even if this will not make me very happy...



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    What happens when you attempt 200MHz? Where are you looking at the frequency? If the FSB is correct and memory ratio is correct, it should operate at the proper speed. If not, it will not boot, or have stability problems, so I need to know what's going on.

    Thank you


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      Thank you for the fast reply!

      I am doing all the changes in the BIOS, but I do not have the option to set the CPU-FSB to Memory-Clock ratio. Only thing I can do is set the Memory Clock manually but the MB seems to override these settings and still sets the frequency to 166 MHz.

      I have EVEREST for reading out all the frequencies in Windows.

      Well and I do not have any stability problems ;-)


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        You are running the memory benchmark test to see DDR frequency?

        Thank you


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          No, I am not running the benchmark for getting the frequencies. EVEREST is actually not a benchmarking tool in first place but more of a tool to read out every kind of information about one's computer system. It also has a CPUID tool, of witch I just took a screenshot, but unfortunately I do not know how to make it available to you within this forum.

          It says that my CPU is running at 200 MHz FSB, but that my RAM is only running on 166 MHz, although EVEREST is perfectly able to determine my RAM as G Skill ZX DDR 400...


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            Well if you look in the Tools tab, there is a memory benchmark test. You can run that to see what the system tests the memory frequency at.

            For pictures, you need to host it somewhere, then post the link here. photobucket is a common picture host.

            Thank you
            GSKILL TECH


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              Alright, I did the benchmark and uploaded the image here:


              (sorry for the adds, but at least it's free and without registering ^^)

              Anyway, it doesn't say anything else than what I already know...
              But probably it's some help for you.


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                When attempting DDR 400, did you increase DRAM Voltage?

                Thank you
                GSKILL TECH


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                  Yes, I set the DRAM voltage to "high" in BIOS. My BIOS only gives me the options to set it to "low" or to "high".

                  This morning I also tried something else: I set the FSB jumper on the MB to 333 MHz instead of 400 MHz to see if there are any incompatibilities because the CPU is not set to the normal FSB frequency. But in fact, the memory bus was still at 166 MHz, although I still had it set to 200 MHz manually.
                  Then I increased the CPU FSB to 180 MHz and the memory frequency was automatically increased to 180 MHz, too.
                  Now this might probably sound like a solution, but in fact it's not, because when I do this, the southbridge controller gets overclocked, too, and somewhere between 185 and 190 MHz FSB frequency my HDD fails to boot.
                  Since I want to run my system at 200 MHz FSB (and I do NOT want to run my SC at it's limits), you can see this is no option for me.

                  Well, fortunately I also got another idea while surfing the web yesterday. I thought that probably the native FSB frequency of an Athlon XP CPU is somehow coded with the L-Bridges on it.
                  By now, I cannot really tell if this is true, but if it is, I thought that there might be a chance that my CPU is blocking the MB from running the memory at 200 MHz, because it's native frequency is 166 MHz.
                  So if I could do a little change on the L-Bridges, this may solve my problem.

                  As soon as I know more about this I will let you know, but if anyone already knows, feel free to tell me.


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                    Ok, I don't know what exactly went wrong, but somehow everything I have done doesn't seem to have any effect...
                    (If you don't mention the fact, that my CPU is now 5?C cooler when running than before, because the person I originally got this PC from somehow doesn't know how to install a CPU cooler. ^^)

                    Probably you have some more ideas how I could possibly get my RAM to run at 200 MHz? I would be really happy about any help you can give me.

                    But anyway I will still keep my eyes open for any solution and keep you up to date on the outcome


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                      Have ou tried the FSB at 200

                      Pls offer comments on support I provide, HERE, in order to help me do a better job here:



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                        Yes, I have tried this.
                        My motherboard has two options to set the FSB of the CPU:
                        1st you have to set a jumper on the MB to the right frequency for your CPU.
                        The options are: 100, 133, 166 and 200 MHz.
                        2nd You can increase or decrease the FSB frequency with the BIOS, starting from the frequency you set with the jumper.

                        What I did was that I set the FSB jumper to 200 MHz instead of 166 MHz, because this would only overclock the CPU but leave the rest of the system at normal speed. But I did not expect that this would also leave my memory bus at 166 MHz, even though I have DDR 400 RAM installed that is perfectly able to handle 200 MHz memory bus.

                        So my problem right now is that I do not know a way how to not only make my CPU run at 200 MHz FSB but also my memory.
                        If I try to overclock my sytem to 200 MHz FSB with the jumper set to 166 MHz this will not work, because the southbridge controller will also be overclocked which results in my HDD not being able to boot any more.


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                          Problem solved!

                          Hi @ all,

                          I'm sorry for unearthing this ancient thread, but I finally solved the above mentioned issue.
                          Last week I finally decided to put my plans into practice and bought me an Athlon xp 3200+ witch has FSB 400 as standard. (the modification of my old CPU would have cost me almost the same ^^)

                          Well, after I installed it into my M/B and made the correct settings my memory would still run at FSB 333, which was quite a disappointment for me. But, finally I had the missing clue, that this was NOT an issue that I could solve through the CPU, but that the M/B MUST be the problem.

                          So I took my time and searched the Internet thoroughly to find out if my M/B was probably not only incompatible with MY RAM but also with other brands and after a while I really found those very old posts on another forum where they mentioned that this was a problem related to the BIOS. There I also found another BIOS that, according to several members, solved the issue.

                          Well, I downloaded and tried that beta-version 1.30M BIOS and what a surprise:
                          IT SOLVED THE ISSUE...

                          Now the delicate thing about this is NOT, that I had a WRONG BIOS VERSION, but that I had a NEWER BIOS VERSION (1.60) and that this version had the same problem as ANY other MAJOR BIOS release for this M/B.

                          For anyone who has the same Problem: this is where I got the beta-BIOS:


                          (You will have to scroll down and select the correct file)

                          Alright, that's it. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. :-)



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                            Great information, thanks for sharing, hopefully the next person that has this issue won't have to wait 6 months and spend countless hours researching.

                            Really glad to hear you got it resolved.

                            Thank you
                            GSKILL TECH