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    Trying to get myself to the point where I can look at a model number for gskill and know exactly what it all means without looking it up on newegg or google. Getting better at it, but the last real question I have is: okay I get that adding a D to the end of the model number means it comes packaged with a fan, but what does the G mean in F3-2933C12Q-32GTXDG
    I see that it only seems to show up in kits rated over 2666mhz. Is it a designator for types of chips under the hood? or?
    ASUS P8Z77-V LK / I5 3350P / 2X F3-12800CL9D-8GBRL Running @ 1866mhz / MSI GTX760 TF

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    To be honest not sure, it may have to do with it being the new Gen of the sticks as many of the lines came out last year aimed at Ivy Bridge...might look at this thread

    (i prob should update it )

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      Yeah I saw that a while back and have basically everything else figured out that was the last line of things I hadn't figured out yet. I didn't know if it got a different fan, or was packaged different since it was more expensive ram. Those were my two guesses, just didn't know for sure.
      ASUS P8Z77-V LK / I5 3350P / 2X F3-12800CL9D-8GBRL Running @ 1866mhz / MSI GTX760 TF


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        Hey guys, like the OP, I also would like to be able to decode the product nomenclature.
        I admit to being a noob, but I did search first, obviously not well enough.
        So if it has already been discussed please share a pointer.

        My question is focused on the last 3 or 4 characters:
        Assuming the G = Gigabyte
        What is the 1st R?
        At first I thought the 2nd R was for Red, and the B for Blue, but then what is RR2, and what is RK?

        Assuming the OP's statement is true about the D meaning includes a fan F3-2933C12Q-32GTXDG
        What does the TX mean?

        While I don't really mind being chided for my lack of knowledge, it would be worth it to me if you also included the knowledge nuggets.



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          Tradesman's link basically answered most of your questions


          F4 = DDR4 (F4)
          2133C15D = DDR4-2133 / 1066MHz (2133) + CL15 (C15) + Dual Kit (D)
          8GRR2 = 8GB Kit (8G) + Ripjaws4 (R) + Red (R)

          The K stands for black and b for blue.


          F3 = DDR3 (F3)
          2933C12Q = DDR3-2933 / 1466 MHz (2933) + CL12 (C12) + Quad Kit (Q)
          32GTXDG = 32GB Kit (32G) + TridentX (TX) + Dual Fan (D) + ??? (G)

          The first time i saw that G added to a kits model number, was with the transition from high end Hynix CFR to Hynix MFR based kits. The -G kits basically used a newer generation of ICs. Maybe it was meant as an easy way to differentiate one from the other.
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