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3 channel memory upgrade question

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  • 3 channel memory upgrade question

    I'm working on overclocking a Dell T3500 workstation with X58 chipset LGA1366 that supports 3 channel memory. The CPU overclock is OK, but the RAM is going to run at 1.5V and whatever timing it defaults to at DDR3 1333 speed. I can run 6x2GB, 3x4GB, (6x4GB.max. offficial support) I'm looking at the 3 channel kits and saw one that said "tested" CL7. Does this mean it's default speed is CL7 or that it's capable of that when set manually? I don't have XMP, or manual control of RAM timings, so 3 channel low latency is a s good as it gets for this system. The 4GB modules say tested, the 2GB just list CL7 speed.
    Dell Dimension E520 3.72Ghz QX6800 8GB DDR2 6400

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    CL7 would be DDR3-1066

    For that computer, DDR3-1333 CL9 1.50V is your best set.