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Am I ready for an RMA?

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  • Am I ready for an RMA?

    Hi all,
    I built a gaming desktop about 7 months ago and am using 8 Gigs (Dual-channel 4-Gig sticks) of G. Skill Ripjaws. (DDR3-1333, PC310666). Within the past month or so, it started having random errors on startup. ("Disk Read Error - Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart"). It doesn't always happen and when I restart, it boots up fine. But the other day, I experienced a blue screen of death. Computer still boots and runs but I don't want that happening again.

    After verifying that it wasn't the hard drive, I ran tests on my RAM using Memtest+. I tested memory stick #1 in all 4 slots on the motherboard and saw no errors after letting the program run for 3 passes each time. However, the second memory stick showed errors in all 4 slots instantaneously, and when running both sticks together, they fail as well.

    So I'm guessing the second stick of RAM is causing all the problems. Does this require further troubleshooting or should I go for an RMA?

    Thank you in advance!

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    RMA for sure


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      Thank you for your response! Sent out the form yesterday.