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F3-12800CL9Q-16GBZ, 1 defect module, sweden.

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  • F3-12800CL9Q-16GBZ, 1 defect module, sweden.

    So yeah a few months into my new systembuild, i keept getting a recouring bluescreen i couldnt get rid of. So i finally disabled autoreboot on bluescreen, and read what was the problem. And it said memory management, i realized that i had not yet preformed full memtest+ ( And so i did, first with all 4 modules installed, i got about 40 thousand errors. After i tested each module separately and the first 3 passed flawlessly with 0 errors. The last module had a ton of errors, so i removed it and havnt gotten a bluescreen (memory management) again yet. So i contacted my vendor and they said that i have to send in the whole kit for RMA, i have no replacement memory to use while the kit is in RMA. I also read that gskill prefers the customer to preform diagnostics with a technician before sending out to RMA. So i figure that if i do this i could possibly only have to send the defect module.

    So what kind of test/proof would i need to preform/acquire data with, to satisfy gskill rma?.
    And if i complete this test could i also just rma the single ram module that is defect, meaning i can still run my computer while RMA is ongoing?.


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    Based on your memtest results think they'll go ahead withan RMA, can contact them at, and let them know where you are at, believe they have an RMA operation running out of the Netherlands now...can ref this thread as to your test, etc

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