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RMA ER2210850 Delays of SAV not respected.

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  • RMA ER2210850 Delays of SAV not respected.


    I made my after sales service request at the end of February, it was received by your services on March 1st and they certified that I would have a return and a follow-up of the package within a week. Except that it's Friday evening and I have nothing.

    The service is long. No one answers the emails.

    No real follow-up of the replacement of my bars that I paid 350€. The next time it's clear I will not take your brand anymore.

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    Answer please ?


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      You don't test your equipment !!!!!!!
      That's a shame!!!
      You are not doing your job properly !!!!
      I waited 1 month and you send me defective strips!!!


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        Is that with AUTO default settings? Are you using the latest BIOS? Did you test one at a time to confirm it is an issue with one particular module?

        If there is any issue with the RAM, contact the RMA dept directly by responding to the RMA email.


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          You can see in my video that I did the test. It is very clear.
          What I find shameful is that RAMS are not tested, before being sent. I hope my topic on this forum will warn people not to go through your catastrophic after sales service. Not at all worth the money spent.