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RMA ER2204268 doesn't solve problem on x570

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  • RMA ER2204268 doesn't solve problem on x570

    I have TRIDENT Z F4-3200C14D-32TGZ memory.
    Recently I've switched from AMD x370 to x570 Taichi motherboard.
    The memory did not boot in recommended positions. It did not boot at all except in single memory configuration.
    Ok, I've switched to different motherboard - ASUS Crosshair VIII Hero. And here is the same problem. It runs only in single memory configuration.
    I've made RMA for the memory and described the problem.
    After a month I've got the new memory of the same type. And it does not work in dual channel.
    The memory specification tells that it supports X570 AMD chipset on my motherboard. But ASUS C8H motherboard does not have the memory in it's supported memory list.

    So why does the memory listed that it works on the page, while it does not?
    Can we just change the memory for qualified one?

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    According to their QVL the F4-3200C14D-32GTZ are tested to be compatible with the C8H with both Ryzen 3000 and 5000 series CPUs:

    Have you tested both modules individually in both A2 and B2?

    If one of the modules does not work in either slot, you might need a second RMA.
    If both work in only one of the two slots there might an issue with the CPU, motherboard or cooler mounting.
    If both of them work in either slot, but not when both are installed, it might be memory controller = CPU issue.
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      Both of the modules work individually separately. But not when both in dual channel position.
      I've tried 2 motherboards. Well, I did not have possibility to try different cpu.
      And I see that a lot of other people have similar issues in internet with g.skill.


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        May be a defective processor, the memory is surely compatible with both motherboards. In fact, it is one of the best ones for your combination.


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          I don't think so. This memory is not in ASUS QVL list.
          It was working with the same processor on ASUS crosshair VI hero.