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  • Rma# er2201187

    I bought G.Skill Flare X (for AMD) F4-3200C16Q-64GFX product (4x16=64Gb DDR4) late January 2020 in Europe (Netherlands). Since I assembled the machine, had stability issues and BSODs every few hours. My researches narrowed down to memory hardware error. Performed Memtest86+ and Windows mem. diagnostic tool tests, both pointed out to memory hardware issues.

    Contacted local seller and provided them test reports, Seller indicates that replacement is possible but takes 5-6 weeks, this is not acceptable to me as I use the machine for work. I cannot lose it more than a week max. I started to test each individual memory, 3 modules passed all tests, but 1 module fails the test in both Memtest86+ and Windows mem. diagnostic tool. Changing XMP on and off and lowering frequency (lower than base frequency) does not change result for this module, it fails the test regardless of setting. Now I am using 2 modules (32Gb), machine works very well, absolutely no issues.

    So I contacted G.Skill RMA Europe. Unfortunately they also indicate the memory should be sent to collection center in Netherlands, then shipped to Taiwan, then inspected, then new kit should be shipped to Netherlands, then posted to me. This all takes again 4 weeks (Excluding COVID-19 impact).

    I suggest many other solutions like sending one module (the faulty one). RMA can replace but cannot confirm consistency. RMA does not accept to return full kit if I send one module and guarantee to send the rest once I receive the kit.

    I also suggested to buy a new kit of same type in advance (now) and return faulty kit, then get a refund against two purchase receipts and faulty kit, RMA indicates refund is not an option too.
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    RMA suggested 2 weeks turnaround time, eventually took 11 days to receive replacement for one module. Not so lengthy I thought.


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      Great to hear; location, availability and such factors can alter timing, however we do our best for fastest turn around time as we would like to minimize the potential down time of the system.