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RMA returned exactly the same broken ram sticks. RMA# ER2190845

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  • RMA returned exactly the same broken ram sticks. RMA# ER2190845

    Good morning, I have just received delivery for 16gb of Trident Z 4000mhz cas 17 that was shipped in as 1 stick refused to run at XMP. However, after paying for postage to have this rectified upon placing the sticks into my pc the same issue has arisen which leads me to believe nothing has been done and I just tossed away shipping funds and 2 weeks time trying to get this sorted. The exact same stick (I noted the serial down) throws tons of errors, blue screens if used in any slot.

    I'd be lying if I said I wasn't extremely angry at this waste of time I could easily have just tossed £10 down the drain and be right where I currently am.

    Now I am unsure were to go from here but Gskill have left a pretty foul taste in my mouth after this.

    I have attached 2 pictures one with 2 dimms and 1 after removing the not even touched dimm.
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    Reply to the RMA# email and check to see if the kit was replaced or if there was some other sort of issue. Support team will assist you and make sure the system is running properly.


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      My kit was replaced I was looking at the model number not the serial. Same issue is prevalent (single channel XMP works with 1 stick a specific stick but not dual channel). I have done further investigating and contacted Gigabyte and have been informed that your own RAM configurator is wrong and Gigabyte have not QVL'd this ram only the CAS 18 4000mhz ram

      It just boggles the mind how 1 stick in 2 sets is always the issue but also conflicting information on compatibility, your QVL list was more readily available through google searching.


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        Which slots do you have them installed in? Try A1 B1 to see if it can work any better.


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          As of now i'm RMAing the motherboard (GSkill lists it as compatible with this RAM but Gigabyte do not). However, even relaxing the timings leads to instability doubley so in A1 and B1. I only found that out when I tried testing 2 kits together in case the topology of the Dimms was accountable for the crashing, this increased the frequency of crashes so i tested A1 and B1 separately. I will test tomorrow and see if it was wholly down to the motherboard because the only issues I find of a similar nature are almost identical in configuration gigabyte/gskill.