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F2-8500CL5D-4GBPK warranty question

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  • F2-8500CL5D-4GBPK warranty question

    Hi, i did want to ask you how it is with the warranty? I did buy a used DDR2 1066Mhz 2x2GB kit (F2-8500CL5D-4GBPK ), second hand, i mean, it was used before by some else and a bought it without any documents, i even dont know where this guy did buy it, from internet in Europe or USA ebay! While ago i had some BSODS, yesterday too, im testing it now and memtest showed a error after 14 test rounds, i switched the sticks, the same, after testing, a error, tried different slots, the same, errors are there after some testing! I know, that this guy did OC his pc, but i dont know if he OCed the ram also and tweaked the woltages also over the manufacturers 2.1v! they are rated max at 2.1, is there a way for me to check if they where exposed to bigger voltage? Maybe u have a software or something like that? I suppose if they where running past rated 2.1 than the warranty is gone, right? I bought this ram to OC my system also, but i never intendet to push the ram, especially the voltages, because in my book the cpu is the absolute king in performance / fps gain playing games!

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    how long to run memtest

    And one more question - how long should i run memtest?

    I read in different forums, that people do run it for a hour, some run more, some leave it overnight, some do 24hours and more! Some people (OC people say) say, that there is no need to go past 6-8hours, because 24h+ its a ram torture and memtest can find a error where it in reality doesnt exist, so i dont understand.. i usually do 24+! but dont know if its healthy? Some say, that even on a stable system if every component is in best shape, if u will run memtest for a week, or month sooner or later there will be a error, memtest will show one, so i dont understand how long is enough..
    What do you G.Skill people think about this from your experience? Maybe u could name a better software to use?
    im really confused, but it could be true, that if u torture a stable ram at stock settings long enough, ram gets tired and will show a error, so.. waht do you think?


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      and one more question - is it ok, if i test 1066mhz ddr2 ram in a pc, that supports only 667mhz ddr2 ram, but it runs, memtest runs, i suppose it underclocks the memory from 1066 to 677! Can i trust memtest in this case also?


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        No answer?


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          Yes, you can underclock the RAM and test like that. As long as memory test clears everything is good.

          You can run it however long you want. Point is for errors to show up ASAP, so you can do anything or take however long to force it. Test one stick at a time so the single module is working on it's own, this also helps you know exactly which stick is bad.

          Warranty is available as long as the modules are not physically damaged and the warranty sticker remains intact.