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Ram not compatible.

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  • Ram not compatible.

    I recently bought a GSkil Ripjaws F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL Ram kit from my local computer store, at the time I was not familiar with the need for the Ram to be compatible with my Motherboard, I went to the stores website and selected the Ram, then went to the store purchased it, and went home and installed it in my computer. It was then that I found that my computer would not bootup withe new Ram. I took the Ram back to the store where they tested it and found that it was OK, but because I had cut the packaging, they would not exchange or give me a refund.
    At no stage was I asked about the Motherboard I was installing to, or was I made aware of possible compatibility issues, I was not given any advice, just took my money and said, "see you later".

    Is there a possibility that the Ram can be replaced with a compatible set that is suitable for my Motherboard?

    The model of the motherboard is, Asrock H55M-LE.

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    Contact the RMA dept. to see if they can arrange a one time courtesy to exchange for a different model.

    Thank you


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      Thanks for your help, I have just done that.


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        Good news, received new replacement Ram from GSkill today,all OK, great service I didn't expect, thanks for your help.