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Firmware 2030 with Falcon 256 Gb

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  • Firmware 2030 with Falcon 256 Gb

    Hi all,
    I have two SSDs: a Falcon 128Gb and a Falcon 256 Gb. I upgraded my 2 discs to firmware 2030 (The two SSDs were in 1916 before).
    For the 128 Gb no problem, all is ok.
    For the Falcon 256GB, I upgraded without problem, but I get errors writing files (no problem reading files). In particular, I have write errors when I copy files in subdirectories (not in the root of the SSD). I tested in Linux and Windows Seven, I have the problem in both cases. I downgrade back this SSD to 1916 and I have no more problem.
    Has anyone a Falcon 256GB with firmware 2030 and the same problem as me ?

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    Hi Manu

    you can try downgrade back to 1916 and use clean tool to clean it.
    then upgrade it to 2030 again.
    maybe it can solve this problem.
    if it still has error message, just replace it.


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      I think you should test your 256Gb.exe for Falcon, it create a unusable falcon 256Gb in firmware 2030 .

      For your information, with the Patriot utility on my Falcon SSD (sorry!), it works perfectly in 2030 .


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        Hi manu

        i have already tested 256GB.exe, it can work properly.
        did you plug in jumper?
        2030 don't need jumber.
        did you downgrade to 1916 and use clean tool then upgrade 2030?

        if it still get problem, just replace it


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          Yes I followed the procedure and of course I did not put the jumper. I have 2 ssd, for the 128Gb no problem. For the 256 Gb, the upgrade to 2030 was OK but when I used it, I lost datas.
          For me, only the Patriot procedure works with my 256Gb (Windows + jumper : they have a windows program similar to the 1916 to upgrade in 2030) . My drive is now in 2030 (patriot) and works without problem since over a week.
          So don't worry, I am probabely the only user with this problem. Today I am happy with my 2 G.SKILL SSDs (the 128gb in 2030-G.skill and the 256gb in 2030-patriot)

          Thank you


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            Hi manu

            sorry for your data lost, would you like to RMA it.
            we will replace a new one for you.


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              Thank you but I keep my SSD. I need it and I have no problem now. I know that I should be in 2030-GSkill, but all is OK. I can go back, when I want, to 1916-G.skill.